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Random Doobie-shmoof Post

So, I promise I have real posts coming.  I haven’t (despite my lack of success with various musical excerpts) chewed off my fingers and eliminated typing from my list of abilities.  If the truth needs to be had – and we can all agree that it does, right?  right??  hello? – I’m trying to figure out how to draw better in/for my posts.  I AM NOT A DRAWER.  Not the kind you need for clothes storage, and also, fucking apparently, not the kind that can depict a scene with a pencil, paper, and any small amount of success.  So getting the ‘doodle’ thing to work better, despite its oh-so-casual name, is proving to be a large chasm of tapering groan.

Anyway, I was reading through some of my food stuff (hoping that I could more easily tape together a post with some pictures if it involved food), and realized that throughout all my commentary and writing about food and ‘nutrition,’ I never post links to the research I’ve done.  There are very few informative references in the stuff I say about food, and I feel there should be some sort of explanation.

My sum total attitude towards change with regard to personal growth is that it has to be desired.  There are so many areas in life that I want to be better, but wanting it idealistically and desiring it so thoroughly that I own it, incorporate it, and embrace it, are two ends of an infrequently realized spectrum.  The reason I get eight kinds of pissy and snide when someone deigns to preach at me about [insert whatever annoying, probably fallacious, belief occurs to you first] is because there are plenty of changes out there that I don’t even want, much less desire, and preaching to me about how badly I need those changes is only going to make me wax fondly upon the glories of violence.  And I assume that everyone else is the same way.

While my assumption might be wrong, it does explain why I don’t bombard my posts with edumocational references: I want everyone’s journey to be their own, not mine.  I assume that when someone desires something to be a part of their life, then they’ll find a way to make that happen.  And I don’t want to preach.  [Side note: ranting is different.  I will not stop ranting.  I need my rants.  Also coffee.]  That said, if someone does want to know about my information sources, I am always happy to share!


So…you know.  The End.