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Blog Chain Letter. Facebook Style.

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I loved the Facebook notes from about six years ago that had everyone tag people and list a bunch of stuff (random things, firsts, passions, likes/dislikes, numbers of things/experiences, etc).  I loved being surprised by my close friends with their comments and answers, and felt the warmth of known answers more keenly than had conversation been delivered by a phone call or email.  There’s something about declaring oneself without aggression that always makes my insides shriek beauty! truth! more please!

Anyway, my fabulous friend (who I cannot tag here BECAUSE THIS ISN’T FACEBOOK AUGH and also maybe you can but I don’t know how) did a blog-style type thing that of course I have to replicate.  Here goes!

11 Random Things

1.  I’m reading Herzog’s book about human-animal morality hoopla.  I’m fifty pages from being done, and my views are exactly the same as when I started.  I think this might be a statement on my inability to have new ideas, but I’m hoping maybe it just means I know myself and am ok with that knowledge.

2.  I am re-falling for the Goldberg Variations by Bach.  Specifically the string trio version with Triskelion.  Because Martin Beaver.

3.  The biggest current bane in my life is my left thumb.  Don’t ask.

4.  I’ve decided that I might start dressing flapper-style and to hell with fashion trends.

5.  I bought Ani little duck slippers.  Ani is a dog.  I am that person who did that for her pet dog.  I don’t even care; up yours.

6.  My mom and grandma bought me a handmade, raw silk, hanbok that is beyond beautiful, and it vaguely horrifies me that I may never get the opportunity to wear it.  So maybe I will just start wearing a hanbok, and save my flapper outfits for alternate Wednesdays.

7.  I’ve lately become fairly elitist in my alcohol choices (scotch and wine), and this concerns me, not only because being elitist is often stupid, but also because it’s exhausting.  I miss not caring which alcohol illuminated my nights.  But then there’s reality: scotch and wine = beyond reproach.  So…oh well.

8.  I feel like I am close to getting my cholesterol stats better without the use of statins.  My new endo has been supportive, helpful, and encouraging; getting this issue better controlled now seems plausible as opposed to something sucky that I will write off as out of reach.

9.  I left my metronome back in Norfolk.  Because Freud is fictitious and so are all his ideas.

10.  I remain completely addicted to Criminal Minds, horror movies, anything Pixar, and rpg games.

11.  I have a mini-side-goal of one day owning a pair of Kobi Levi shoes.

PART 2!!!!  Answer the following questions:

1.  Why do you blog?

Writing is like super efficient processing for me.  It’s almost as directly connected to my feelings as music.  Ideas and issues are clearer and more convincing if I can see them typed out or hear them in music.  I might not be particularly good at either, but I need both to help me contribute better in my relationships.  And I fully believe my relationships are what it’s all about.  Sharing, relating, uniting; these are things that matter most to me.

2. What would I do with one million dollars? Ten? 

One million = pay off debts, buy Hubs a fabulous instrument, set up savings account for parents’ retirement/emergencies, and donate the rest.

Ten = same.  Ok, maybe some would go to a summer home, so we don’t have to rent every year.  We’d love to travel more, but I think we could do that if all our debts went away.

3.  Cats or dogs?

BAHAHAHA (but also maybe I lean towards dogs.  I have less allergies to dogs than cats.)

4.  Favorite vacation?

I tried to write a blog post on this a week ago, but I was sick, and basically my post resembled a series of vowel sounds with the occasional fuzzy image, described in three letter words.  I think the ONLY vacation I’ve ever had has to be the most recent one, on the Russian River.  I’ll try to explain better in a real vacation post.  But of course the equation for any awesome vacation is always: favorite people + delicious food + drinks + no obligations + nature.

5.  Best advice you ever got?

a) Anything my violin teachers said to me could easily stand as the best advice I ever received, but if I’m picking: ‘Your excuses will only accumulate.  What are your reasons?’

b) My dad used to love telling me, immediately prior to a performance, ‘Don’t fuck up.’  It is excellent advice.

6.  Do you have any strange habits?

Well, they don’t seem strange to me.  I think this might be better answered by anyone other than me?  I guess it might be weird that I talk to myself even if there are other people in the room with me.  I also dislike taking the first item on a shelf in a grocery store; it always has to be the one behind the one in front.

7.  Favorite beverage?


8.  If you could choose a time/era to live in, what would it be, and why?

What era is the one where we, as a race, have completely mastered/regulated our aggression and violent tendencies?  Where there is a general and pervasive disdain of harm, greed, and manipulation?  Because, that one.  *As a kid, I wanted to check out the Victorian era.  For, like, a week.  Then back home, because ew misogyny, unsanitary/health scariness, and no wifi.

9.  What did you want to be when you were little?

A violinist.  Lo!  *also, a Navy Seal.

10.  What is your favorite hobby?

Baking/cooking.  Blogging.  Game playing.  Clearly I don’t know how to answer a damn question, since that was three things, and I don’t even know which is my favorite.  I’m feeling lazy right now, so maybe my favorite hobby is laziness.

11.  What quality do you find most attractive in others?

Honesty.  Honesty = trust = I might not freak out over long term exposure to you because I’ll know where I stand, and I’ll be able to respect you without worrying that there are ulterior motives afoot.  I forewarned that I had trust issues, so this answer should come as no surprise.

Ok, wow.  22 is a lot of things.  Anyway, post answers or commentary as needed, or do your own post and then tell me so I can read it and then we can snark about how everyone should drink scotch and wine.


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