Classical Sass

(109) Caught

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In the middle of life, on a work day, during your last class, the air around you will stand completely still. Still, like breath before a kiss, like water under a bridge, like the seconds before you know your world will never be the same; not of time, nor grasping.

In the middle of a moment, half a glance, two blinks and a head tilt, your life will pause, your shoulders will release the day from their tense lines. You will feel your heart thumping in your gut and your feet; it will hitch your breath and your eyes will water.

The ache! That ache will fill your yearn and your want, and you will forget your stasis and your daily angst. The quiet will be thunderous and you’ll live forever between the beats that fill your feet and your gut.

And you’ll see your gratitude for all things trivial and great, filling the cracks in the pulse, until your heart is full and the beats all blend.

This is Bach, capturing that eternity in this Andante movement, for me, every time.


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