Classical Sass

(173) Things That Are My Patronus

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This mannequin.

Driving forty minutes to the wrong student’s house and then spending actual time wondering if you could still make it to the correct student’s house.


Spilling anything immediately before being anywhere. Ever. Not having anything spillable anywhere in the near vicinity and still achieving spilling the nothing that you have all over everything immediately before needing to look not like Day 4 of Gave Up.

This tweet.

Carbs. Your face is a carb. I will eat it.

Ron Swanson.

Long solitary walks in stillness and night that hug your shoulders in cool clarity and glittering simplicity and leave you full and perfect until the barest breeze tells you there is still more than a trace of cat vomit all over your shirt that you have been wearing for longer than a hot minute and the cat vomited three days ago whatever.

This painting aptly describing this amount of stress.


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