Classical Sass

(181) Nuzzle

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He came up behind me, his steps cozy and bare. He slid an arm around my waist, and another around my shoulders. I leaned my head against his hand, and closed my eyes as his lips grazed my neck. I inhaled, him, his gestures, in a lung-filling embrace of bergamot and cotton and musk. His kisses made my spine tingle, made me forget the rest of my body, and as he gentled his way towards my ear, I felt the moan slide across my lips, entrenched in my exhale.

My hands stroked and finally gripped his arms, the coarse hair across their breadth a sharp contrast to his soft skin and firm hold. His teeth teased my auricle; my back screamed mercy and left my knees naked, shaking. I tried to reciprocate, to show some gesture of awareness for him, his body, against mine, but my every aching nerve wrapped around his tongue against my ear, and I was helpless.

The arousal was complete; I was near toppling, and as all my senses reached that crystalline moment, I heard it.
The unrelenting, proximity distorted squelching of an earnest tongue against my hot and bothered earlobe. 
The heat between my legs side eyed the new contortions in my spine. I squeezed my eyes shut in the hopes that the pressure on my lids would somehow make more ungodly noise than the suckslurp in my ear. My back arched and the heat crawled deeper into my gut. I frantically chewed my lips because maybe pain would mute the belligerent tootsie pop festival that had taken up residence in my left eardrum.

Sweat caressed my temples and my breathing grew ragged. The squelch would not yield, and every squeaking lick stretched across my arousal like a never-ending Boston steamroller on eternal, audible repeat. His teeth gnawed sharply, sending ripples of exquisite tension to muscles I didn’t know I had; the rhythmic shplep that sucked the thrill of nerve endings right out of my eardrum continued its snide laden march across the path of my frustrated orgasm. My provoked gasps were all he heard; the mayor of Squelch didn’t vote in his district, and my angst was mistaken for ecstasy.

With every squealing wet fondle, I could feel my world slide slightly left of tolerable. The squelch had penetrated so much more than my ear; it had besmirched my cringeless shoulders with a shroud of chagrin so thick, I knew the utter safety of my eggs. A cracked roar broke against my dry teeth, and I pushed away from his shocked reach. I clasped my ears and rolled to my side. I whimpered my hapless fury through clenched jaw, my heaving chest rising and falling against chilled air.

It grew quiet. I lay still. He leaned over me; I felt his hand on my arm.



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