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(186) Oops?

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Well, it finally happened. I totally forgot about my post today. All those other times I posted at 3am were on purpose, see. I had plans but also procrastination and disorganization and so the 3am time thing was an inevitable part of the process.

But today, y’all.


I’m over here in my skin/pants, reading and researching and refilling prescriptions and pretending like I still have the ability to string two sentences together with even remote success, and then hubs is like ok so no let’s go see a movie.

I, obviously, scream-warbled something about electoral legging odor whilst wedging myself deeper into the couch, and then he hands me a menu for this newish local restaurant that has super hipster sashimi nonsense (YAS SIGN ME UP), and then because he’s hubs and is clever, all quick style hands me another menu from another local restaurant that has been on our GTFO of Your House to Eat Here list for awhile, and I saw all the farms they get their food from and oops #smitten.

So then I’m in #newleggings and a #cleanshirt and only moderate #hysteria (I have no idea why hashtags. I maybe still don’t understand hashtags. hahahaha I have maybe forgetten how to understand anything these days oh ok), and then we’re out the door for this dinner and a movie thing.

It was good, I think? I’m in different clothes, anyway. I’m sure other people think that’s good. The dogs had a timeout from Little Bunny Foo Foo, which I’m sure was sad* for them. I so thoroughly enjoyed the movie (Arrival), even though yes ok sci fi loopholes omfg please suck a cactus made of earwax ugh. The messages (and yes, there was an overriding one but not much more so than the other ones; they finagled plot points like clever style with affectionate side eye) were not only well done, but apt considering recent shit storms in a mutated tapir testicle I mean our country’s predicament whatever fuck a metaphor**.

It was good. And maybe a lesson on how I can’t fix it all today, and yes that is catastrophic, but it is also #reality. I need to be sane to help for all the tomorrows. So. Today we had a dinner and movie thing, and it was good.

*amazing and wonderful
**reality. fuck reality.


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