Classical Sass

(195) Reasons I Go Back To Bed

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Someone on Medium wrote a 130min read and it has more recommends than Jesus.

Someone decides to call wine-soaked gummy bears ‘infused’ like that makes them fancy and then another someone posts a meme about alcohol drinks that are too strong because whatever who the fuck are these people.

Someone in my T1 Diabetic support group asked if T1s could still get high blood sugars. Also is pasta a carbohydrate. Also what is fruit.

There was a thing that said Japan was enhancing sushi flavor by squeezing it in armpits first.

Someone on Facebook is really good at baking. (side note: check out that link. Lou Lou P’s is one of my favorite obsessions. #awe)

Someone on Facebook owns really cool shoes and I can’t own them bc monies and also fuck a stiletto (I stole that from this lady years ago because she is pure gold and I couldn’t help myself and am obsessed with that article and have had wines whatever tangential shhh stop typing).

A Kafka roach backpack was invented.

The Onion was too real. For. fucking. example.

I ran out of scotch.


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