Classical Sass

(201) Speaking of Unearthing Ruins…

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*I found this waaaaaay back in my saved pieces file on my laptop. I have zero memory and maybe I already published it? But look guys, it rhymes! It has a little rhythm going on. What is happening. I wrote a poetry??

Loneliness is a funny thing.
In my house,
All by myself
Housely noises that gently bring
My inside quiet
To doubting riot
And lets my worry sing

Loneliness invites my shame
To graze upon my solace
With eager bites that do not miss;
It gnaws and shreds my name
It coddles and cons,
Until my fear dawns
And makes my demise a game

Loneliness sneaks into my heart
Till, with trembling thought,
I embrace the horror, wrought
intent that will not thwart
My belligerent alone
My bereft and single moan
My plunging darkness that will not chart

Loneliness will linger
Until I reach without hinder
Loneliness will stay
Unless I stand in the fray
And wait
On whim and hope and care
Draped in naked chance
With or without a backward glance
A dare


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