Classical Sass

(228) Transcend

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this is from a site called Mystic Mamma. I don’t even know. I am mystical like gas after beans. I.e. not very.

When life is simple, clear, 
abundantly processed because 
such is simplicity’s luxury

This is from the Happy Dogs blog. which, what?? where has this been all my life. yes please.

When a walk, a breeze, a rustle 
of leaves

I wake up every morning and try not to aggressively hate this sort of unrelenting happiness.

A long awaited release in a
familiar green crease
Gives solace and slow pulse
Easy like years of practice

Ahhh sweet solace. (from someone on pinterest somewhere)

When a meal is sublime
at any time
Its texture and smell always
new like the first, like birth
exhilarating like senses that have no history

That focused abandon, folks. That. Right there. #goals

When life is simple
and you are a dog
That is fed steak

Me and Ani. Post steak.

Merry Christmas!


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