Classical Sass

(232) On the Up Side?

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  1. I thought of a blog post that I could totally write no problem
    except not tonight because wines and Go Stop and too much food and this zit on my chin is the exact size of Narnia yes it is because every time I flung a card down confidently I could hear them all crying ‘Aslan! Aslan!’ and then the White Queen kills that snotty kid and oops now my entire jaw is part of a revolution waitaminute.
  2. I have acquired a digital doodle thingy that may or may not let me illustrate my blog things and thusly y’all will eventually be blighted with my attempts at learning. HAHAHA ‘learning’
  3. Today did not include much thoughtful writing time because there was a five hour brunch and then five hours of Go Stop and I can’t make my brain do anything at all so basically this post is the equivalent of seven correct notes equaling one third of a quasi successful phrase and based on timing and wines will now be recorded as a successful contribution to the overall process the end.
  4. Bye.

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