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(234) Onward!

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I’ve become less involved in the New Year celebrations as I’ve grown. I was never really one for resolutions in the first place. I kind of do or don’t and attempt to adjust accordingly, with or without time-markers. It’s totes ‘interesting’.

I love a celebration, though. I love a reason, however flimsy, to throw down and forget and remember and laugh with our bellies and selectively relish what we love best about each other. I love an opportunity to embrace in a frenzied stupor that leaves little room for hesitation and ample space for amelioration, as temporary as it might be. I love a situation that insists on the reach.

So, even though my life is marked by random upheavals and chance alignments, I welcome the known markers. I love the allotted embrace. I am eager for tonight’s send-off. I want it, with eagerness that has idled in neutral a few (far fucking too many) minutes past my last functional shard of patience.

I don’t care if tonight’s newness is arbitrary. Ok? Or not ok. I don’t care.

Fuck 2016.

I want this new year in every sense of the literally goddamned concept.

GET OVER HERE, 2017. Get the fuck front and center and let us have at it.

I’m so ready.

Much love and much FUCKIT to everyone. ❤❤❤

May our 2017 be strong and fierce and unrelentingly undaunted as we all so very dearly need it.


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