Classical Sass

(253) Chemistry

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Louise Zhang’s Slosh Samples #1

Fumes in crystal, on a tube filled rack, swirling hopefully at each gentle clink
Fumes in crystal, expanding and centering, just being me
Gray streaks and purple fog and pale blue smoke
just me
Until a vial tips and glittering silver spills wet and laughing and eyes wide 
Knocking my crystal world to its side and into 
the already wobbling clear glass of your kelly green vapor and
we collide
and now our fumes are more, they’re rich like earth and smoldering like potential and thick like salted promise
It is we and our basics have changed 
the ground is different and we move differently across it
painting our hope in shades of vibrant screaming delight as we slide across 
our globe that exists 
differently for us
When that familiar rack shifts, we don’t notice
not at first 
Then earth crumbles, leaves a trail of 
green exhaust
against my purple floundering fumes, me and the tail end
of your kelly tendrils
That shiny thing that was one with both of us in it
is gone
and it’s just you, fainter,
and me, reaching me,
looking at each other from our separate solid vials
one grateful for the glass 
and the other, wispy face against its pane,
empty air


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