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Chewable Prompt #1

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One of the ideas Shiny and I tossed around was having these prompts involve characters from the books we’re all…ahem…working on vigorously and at every moment and without ever being in any way stuck nope.

I thought this week, we could write a scene involving one of the main characters. We’ll do it a little like improv, where we set up the start of the scene and the writer has to figure out how to get to a certain place by the end of it.

Setting: Familiar place, either intimate or casual.
Characters: peeps from our books, hopefully (but not necessarily!), but focusing on one character specifically.
Contention: main character is given information that challenges how they feel, how they understand the situation. It can go funny, like a casual challenge, re: the delicious coffee being made from ground up roaches or something, or something more dicey like a betrayal or an outright lie being presented as truth.
Resolution: I think the point of the prompt is to have the character deal with self doubt, but y’all can resolve that any old way.

Submit them any time this week! We’ll put em all up by Sunday (ish. Schedules are scary). They don’t even have to be submitted to us; we just want to get peeps writing and we’d love to see your scenes any place you want to put them!


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