Classical Sass

(271) Reasons People Block Me

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Blind Man’s Buff, by George Goodwin

1. I tell them to.

2. I say black lives matter, and they disagree so much that they have to hide the idea from existence.

3. I swear and am not ashamed of myself. Actually, those might be two separate reasons. Fine, then.

4. I am not ashamed of myself. Well, ok, there was that one time with the frosting and bag of pretzels and whipped vodka something or other whatever that evening was delightful so no. I am not ashamed of myself.

5. I say if it walks like a fascist, talks like a fascist, bullies like a fascist, misspells like a fascist, supports and enables a totalitarian regime based on equally arbitrary whiteness and Christianity like a fascist, and is pale and mediocre like a fascist, then probably it is a fascist. This is upsetting because people don’t like the implication that they are pale and then getting told about grammar issues is clearly the last straw, so.

6. I have a short temper and zero fucks. Forever.

7. Maybe I went to college but who even knows because I never tell anyone about it to prove my points. #sloppy

8. I am divisive.

9. I will use my platform for whatever the fuck I feel like using it for and this is problematic because that means that I am not using it the way peeps want me to, and if I haven’t dissolved into a pile of subatomic shenanigans from their lack of approval, then I am being hurtful and abrasive. Which brings me to the next point, I guess.

10. I am terrifying. I decide how much I will invest in something and if I feel ok about something and this is TERRIFYING. Too much power for one person. Not safe. I am not a safe space for these people who don’t believe in safe spaces.

11. I believe that shame is sometimes necessary and when I am being gaslit or verbally abused, I will use it to draw attention to the abuse. I will remain unsorry and unbothered throughout.

12. I told people to fuck off if they thought I shouldn’t have healthcare. A few of them took me seriously, and I never even got to thank them for that. So, thanks, y’all! #tidy

13. I once said my favorite food was salmon and this is possibly the most obvious and disgusting lie that ever happened. I’ve apologized, but I understand that there are some lines you can’t uncross.

  • This status was inspired this morning by an accidental discovery made via traipsing through the On This Day splotch on Facebook. I later found out this person hadn’t blocked me; just deactivated their account so whatever, #14: am convinced 100% of the time that everything is my fault despite persistent lack of evidence. WHEEEE


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