Classical Sass

(284) Show Up

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a felted hat from Etsy, circa 1805, the same year Etsy was founded by a wealthy Canuck.

Let’s talk about my heart
and how easily it loses its way 
Let’s talk about how it forgets what it can do
what it wants, where it needs to be
Let’s talk about how it wanders, unaware of its loss
except for the beating bleeding weight of its empty handed doubt

Let’s run to a show, a random show, a lucky show,
that I almost didn’t attend
Let’s get there, frustrated and tired and sweaty 
because parking is a satchel of man nipples and driving is stressful
Let’s wander into the hall and sit, making peace
with the air and the room and the reality of that evening

Let’s watch this recital, let’s be belligerent about it
let’s wonder if I’ll be bored and sad the entire time
Let’s be vaguely excited about nostalgia 
but otherwise just reluctantly waiting

Let’s let the nuance and effort and ease and embrace of the first phrase
hit my entire being, my every sense, like shock I should have expected
But didn’t
Let’s let the spontaneity of trust and skill waft in and out of attention to detail
to character and honesty in a fictional story 
Let’s let an entire movement of Brahms be one full bodied chill 
after the tease and smirk of Beethoven and the unfaltering exquisite snark of Shostakovich

Let’s remember that quality is hard won
and the painstaking obsession that leads to it 
will wait forever, even if you don’t
Let’s remember that love isn’t ephemeral and neither is neglect
and we will be the same bleeding cry that refused its expiration
even if our mislaid path goes silent

Let’s attend a recital 
because we must attend to ourselves
Let’s be there for our souls even
when we think we are doing just fine
Let’s go be lucky, lucky with our deliberate, intentional, love
and find ourselves again.


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