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(294) Eight Ways To Be Less Trifling

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1. When a friend of yours goes off about something she loves and she really loves it like she types out the name and when she last saw/smelled/tasted/felt/heard it, and where she was when it happened, and how often it happens, and yay here’s what it’s called again, and here are 47 alphabetized reasons it is amazing and also this list could totally be chronological want that list too ok here it is plus seven bonus reasons all out of order with italics and exclamation marks here you go,
instead of asking what it is she likes, you could check out this link.

2. Someone has read a book with a title that is typed out in the claim and you did not look here before wonder-typing who wrote it all over the thread. Look there before the wonder-typing next time.

3. If anyone says anything about how your whiteness and/or your maleness might be affecting your perspective, you could refrain from verbal farting every unsurprising splaintainted paragraph spasm across convo threads and eternity for just three minutes and check this out first.

4. When a family member has an opinion that is wrong and you must come for them because they are family and it is your duty, check here to make sure you aren’t accidentally coming for a bucket of misunderstandings and shenanigans first.

5. If there are words in a sentence that you haven’t read before, you can find out what that noise is all about by looking here. Side perk: then you have the option to correctly use those words yourself. #perk

6. If you aren’t sure which type of something to buy, check this out.

7. When someone tells the internet how to cure beetus, have a quick gander at this before investing in an okra farm.

8. Someone has watched a TV show or a movie or a concert or a Words That Are Capitalized Like Maybe They Mean Something Importance-wise and instead of creating your own status about how come no one is articulate anymore (anymore y’all, always with the anymore like twenty years ago fucknuggets weren’t all over the place with five chords and Green Day) maybe sneak preview this right here.


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