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Up front apologies for the scattered post tonight. [yes I am aware that Part 2 of ‘I Taught Myself to Draw’ still hasn’t happened yet and NO I will definitely not comment that the reason is because the idea of taking out the wacom is at least seventeen extra steps and completely overwhelms me even though it is not seventeen extra steps at all and basically I’m so tired opening a bag of potato chips is overwhelming right now. No I won’t comment that. Shh.]

Last night and today were heavy on the publication editing. I just…damn. I had no idea, on so many levels. [SIDE NOTE can we maybe do something about the new writer submissions process, Medium? can we make it less laden with smirking botulism? i feel like it is too heavy on the botulism ok. maybe they could show up in the pub page, near where all the actually submitted stories go? maybe we could have an option in there for review new writer submissions and then those submissions would have an option on them to add or decline? maybe we could wrap that google doc in a kerosene soaked tube sock and set it aflame and then sing songs about things that we will never miss?] But anyways, huge shout out to all you editors out there who put up with my clueless ish on the regular and waded through my noob ish on the regular and made it easy for me and published me and didn’t even very legitimately whine a single time at me about anything ever holy hell y’all are amazing. Thank you. 
Tangential: I’m finally learning how to find new writers on here. Also, I am maybe finally learning how tagging works.*
*This is probably a myth. I thought I knew what hashtags were for awhile, but I never did, it was all a lie, I’m totally still over here with only sarcastic hashtags and there is no information or viral anything on the planet, apparently, that will change me. So.

I also re-watched Frequencies today (I told you this post is scattered. I already gave fair warning. No one come at me with any but sass what about cohesiveness. no). Ok that’s a lie tho because really I forced my brother and his fiancé into watching it with me, and neither of them liked it much, and then because I’m tired and my sugars are shit and other half assed excuses for my behavior, I tried to explain the movie to them (they did ask questions, so it wasn’t really nonconsensual monologuing) and then got baffled when they still didn’t like it, and then I tried to explain some more. So now I’m in timeout with my insulin and my seltzer water wondering how come no one is doing the sensible thing and feeding me peanut M&Ms.

Ok the end.


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