Classical Sass

(322) Writers’ Blorf

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Three blog post topics
complete with depth and nuance
splerfged to mlurck-chab.

It’s hard to focus
flingdin dilly toodle poot
and all I splerdy


*I realize I am at day not-four at this, and I very for seriously have no idea why I cannot get my intended post out. I even had a back up post that I have tried to write THREE times with little improvement, let alone success. It’s not like I’m meh on the topics, either. I truly don’t know what the fuckall is happening. My blood sugars are fine. It’s not horribly late (remember when I used to write em at 2am???). I’m not any more stressed than I was, say, when certain elections crawled into everyone’s sphincter and died in a fiery burst of privileged (ahem excessive) anal fissuring. I don’t even know. I’m totally not panicking about it, though. No. Because I’m a rational adult, see, and definitely, as an adult, I can feel in my loins that death is both real and closer than ever, and as such none of this even matters. See? Totally not panicking.


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