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reply to Fierce Force 💃🏼 and Kathy’s call for shoutouts:

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A lot of folks on here have pushed me in different ways. It’s hard to talk about it from a purely inspiration perspective, because most of these folks very quickly became so much more to me than writing flames on a wordless night.

BHD made me keep trying. The first thing I read by him was this piece, maybe seven minutes after I started on this site. I was so fucking intimidated that I think my post that evening was a listicle on stuff I found in my nose. But he kept reading my ish, and commenting, and there were nights where I thought the clarity with which he saw me was enough to keep the whole world lit.

Tre helped me find poetry. Not like oh hey there it is, but like here you are, with poetry wrapped around your every syllable; don’t cheat the phrase because you’re scared of a label. She did it without even trying; that’s just what she does, who she is. She makes me find more.

Lizella and Jules are both terrifyingly amazing writers, each drastically different from each other, both in style and purpose. There were times when I logged on to Medium only to spend an hour poring over one of their sentences. I’m giving you a Jules haiku because she truly does things to that form unlike any other I’ve seen, and one of my favorite short stories by Lizella.

Last, but definitely not least, is Zelda. Who followed me when I a) had like 32 followers and b) was scared of anyone with a decimal point. Secret: when she started interacting with me, I would yell-message all my friends like, ‘Decimal Point Zelda is talking to me!!!!’ 
Anyways, she’s glorious and brutally real and makes me work for my thoughts. Which I hate. I mean love. HAHAHA whatever I need that in my life. Then she writes casually about dragons and I remember why long distance can suck a can of spam.

These are just a scant few. I’m leaving out so many/am awful. Truly, the community here is unbeatable. There’s no way I’d’ve lasted a week, let alone over ten months, without it.


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