Classical Sass

(326) Internal Eight Ball

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‘Wanderer above the Sea of Fog’, Casper David Friedrich, 1818

What happens when your words thicken, sticky
what happens when they stop
standing, still, in the middle of your past
consonant toes shy on the gravel 
of your present

What happens when you have entire aches
complete arguments
pages of just realized care
typed behind your eyes
across your lids 
lying, silky wet, under your lips

What happens when you aren’t blocked
when you are simply stopped

By a promise you made
but didn’t understand
By a home you grew
but didn’t really see
By a world that exhausts you
strips you
forgives you
And needs to be let

So you can walk
full footed words to a different path
where the gravel is past
and moonlight kisses the heels
of a promise you kept

What happens?


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