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(332) Ways My Friends Make It Worthwhile

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CW: I have had a very cheesy night and now y’all are gonna pay the price.

1. Shenanigans. These people file into my texts and my messages with utter shenanigans every damn day and I love every syllable of it.

2. Taking time. They wait till they know me well enough to say certain things, crack certain jokes, ask certain questions. It isn’t because I wouldn’t answer, it’s because of why they would ask. They don’t want to ask; they want to know. And that takes time.

3. Ownership. Each and every single one of my friends is an expert in this region and they are all fucking royalty because of it. I have the bluest veined set of friends that ever happened and also I have had wines and am pretty sure this metaphor is not working so whatever on to the next thing.

4. Eagerness. My friends like to get excited over stuff that they love. It is life itself. They don’t hide it or shy away from it or pretend it is something else.

5. Solidarity. Not just on important humanity things, but on trite ish that probably doesn’t warrant solidarity. They will hate a troll on my wall with the thoroughness and quickness of a snow day in southern VA.

6. Being all of the reciprocating and trustworthy utterly because of that’s just how it happened, and it’s something we both are and want and not because of obligation. I don’t think obligation isn’t necessary in friendships; I think it is utterly necessary. But I also think we can have two types of obligation (again; wines. Probably there are more types): the kind that the other person is expecting, and the kind that we impose on ourselves because of how we care. And with that second kind, it’s possible to get into a situation where it never feels like an imposition. Because it’s not. It’s a want.

7. Fart jokes.


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