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Shhhh Not A Daily

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Also shhhh this is awkward and maybe I’m not typing this shhhh

Yesterday marked two weeks since I put up my PayPal link. I have wanted to scream specific and intricate gratitude every day since. I have been reading that folks seem to prefer an anonymous route (PayPal isn’t) and I’ve also read about a different way of using PayPal that skirts fees (I kinda thought my link left the option to do either a payment (fees) or a gift (no fees), but maybe I misunderstood?).

Anyways, I hesitated to go all out with thank yous because I hear you; I’m listening and I want to respect the anonymous aspect as much as possible. I’m also going to have an anonymous option soon (starting in June).

But it’s been two weeks, and this gratitude I have, y’all. The last two months have been really difficult, financially, for me. Your tangible appreciation has given me breath when I was choking and last week, that literally meant milk and eggs. It helped. You helped.

Thank you.


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