Classical Sass

(362) Limerku

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Sorry the colors are kinda funky; it’s late and I had no patience with my phone (it’s bright sky blue and lemon yellow). This is a copper print done by John Himmelfarb, who I love, and who is awesome. (I guess that makes it not a giclée too but whatever I haven’t slept in two days, so. Your face is a giclée.) It’s two profiles of Poseidon.

Ode on a giclée that glowers in my living room

Blue and yellow brows,
Poseidon glares eternal
at abandoned scows

His briny biceps
rage at waves he cannot reach 
at the steps I kept

He sits in side eye
stapled to his earthy lot 
to his fettered sty

I’m still through the din,
while I sniff the balmy breeze,
and gloat with my gin.

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