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(363) Reasons Ysaye is Screaming

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Ber Zalkind. “Cartoon of Violinist Eugène Ysaÿe.” 1913. The violinist after whom Ysaye is named. This cartoon has been yanked from:

a nod at the blog Reasons My Son is Crying, which made me laugh-howl for a month straight when it hit the internet a few years back.

He has entered a room.

It is 3am.

He isn’t hungry and doesn’t plan on eating.

The water in his bowl is weird. The food bowl is full but it hardly counts because of the weird water. Also the water in these other bowls is weird.

It just slipped out on the way to licking his shoulder.

I touched his butt. Do not touch his butt.

I stopped touching his butt. Get it right, Kitchen.


I tried to play the tenths in his second sonata. Loosely related, the movement is called ‘Obsession.’

aaaaaaand bloopers. because video-taping is not this easy thing apparently.

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