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(357) Things I Overheard Because Kids Have Zero Stealth

a light and easy post for my aching beloveds who maybe need a verbal hug. I see you.

Student 1 (7yrs): What piece are you on?
Student 2 (same age): I’m kinda on two songs, I think.
S1: Oh she does that sometimes. Usually when she knows you can do better on the old piece.
S2: She always thinks I can do better. Sometimes it’s annoying.
S1: I mean, she’s usually right, though.
S2: Yeah, that’s why it’s annoying.

Student 1 (eight years): Mrs Heejin really liked my performance.
Student 2 (seven years): How do you know?
S1: I just know.
S2: Ok but if she really likes it, she’ll say it’s fantastic, and smile at you like you did more than play violin.
S1: She didn’t say it was fantastic, but I got the smile.

S1 (11yrs): She’s going to make you do those fingerings.
S2 (10yrs): Not if I play my own fingerings perfectly.
S1: Are you going to do that?
S2: Nope. Aw man. (practices correct fingerings furiously)

S1 (7yrs) (whispering backstage): Pssst don’t forget to not rush ok!
S2 (7yrs): Also high threes!
S3 (7yrs): What if we all rush together?
S1 and S2, in a monotone unison: Staying together is the goal.
S3: I’m scared.

S1 (8yrs): Opera semester is my favorite.
S2 (9yrs): Mine too.
S1: Because the stories are funny!
S2: I think Mrs Heejin just makes them up. Who else would write about a flying mouse.
S1: No, that’s real! She said that was real!
S3 (8yrs): I like donut day.

S1 (8yrs): I practiced this a lot. A LOT. I really hope she likes it.
S2 (9yrs): What will you do if you get stuck on it for another week?
S1: I’ll cry forever!!! Just kidding. I won’t care. I don’t mind what piece I’m on, I just like to play.
S2: Whoa.