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(318) Why I’m Incapable of Commitment,

Reasons Trust is the Relationship Equivalent of Flaky Boogers in a Toddler Nose During Winter Break at a Vaguely Sleazy Ski Resort

Whole grain cheez-its 
Fat free cream cheese
Tomato juice
Bell peppers

Wait no wrong list hang on

Here we go:

1. Ownership is, like, elusive at best. 
2. Care isn’t automatically balanced, or even reciprocal
3. Apparently sometimes changing my mind is a sign that I’m a horrible person
4. Showering daily is really time consuming

Ok, this post sucks. Mostly because I do commitment just fine. In my head I thought it would be funny like hahahaha fuck a raisin tho, but really, I like committing to people and projects. I like watching trust grow. I like watching relationships get deeper and take root. I like seeing creations go from idea to tangible pride. So, hahahaha let’s call this a faux post. It still counts as my daily. Shhh. No. It still counts.

*am behind on reading and comments because I’m out of town and without laptop. Newer bookmarked things aren’t in my bookmarked list on the phone app for some reason (am hoping it doesn’t have to do with the recent rollout bonanza) and I want to actually reply to comments so I’m waiting till I have a large chunk of time to do it. I see all of you! I’ll catch up tomorrow.*